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Friday, 21 March 2014

oyster mushrooms

Found these beautiful oyster mushrooms and fresh basil that I could not resist while shopping for grocery. So I google up ways to clean them and cook and heres my update for you.

The mushroom ends are just cut off and apparantly you can use them in stocks or sauces. Where as the rest  of the mushroom is what we are gonna cook today.

How do you know the mushroom is in good shape? Well it should not be mushy when you feel it and should smell earthy and not sour. If it is in good health you will feel the mushroom is quite like meaty.

If you are trying it for the first time you may need to be cautious and check if you maybe allergic to it on consumption.

So I tried this simple pan fried mushroom recipe. First of all just tear the mushroom length wise with your hands like chicken strips. The mushroom has a meaty seafood odour as you cook it and will be tough like squid or calamari when you eat it.

Here is the recipe:

A fistful of mushroom bits
3 garlic pods
1/2 tbsp oil
1 green chilly
basil chopped

Just toss in salt, oil,basil and coat the mushrooms. In a pan fry the garlic and green chilly till they have released their flavor into the oil. Now just arrange the mushrooms on the pan. This is because mushrooms release a lot of water content and if they are bunched up together they will get steam in the moisture they release.But we are looking for crispy bits of mushrooms.So you mite have to drain off this liquid which can then be drizzled as a sauce later on while serving.

Let the mushroom bits brown. And you are done.

You can have it with a salad or fried rice or even as a starter.


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

beat the heat with raitas

Summers in India can be unforgiving and if you have been out and faced the suns wrath you will be looking for a quick way to cool your body. There is nothing better than a simple raita.Pair it with rice or have it as a snack. Here is my recipe for  fenugreek raita. Fenugreek or methi as it is commonly known is the star ingredient in this raita where we will let its true colors show. The leaves are bitter but this raita recipe will make it bearable.

1 cup yoghurt/curd
1 tspn sugar
half onion finely chopped
fistful of methi leaves roughly chopped
lemon juice 1 spoon

For tadka:
1 tspn oil
1 pinch jeera/cumin seeds
2 curry leaves

Mix all ingredients except the ones for tadka. Keep tasting and adjusting ingredients as per your liking. Now heat a kadai, pour oil and when it is heated add curry leaves and cumin seeds. When they splutter add it to the raita.

The freshness of the methi leaves and crunchiness of the onions with the citrusy lemon is a great combination that takes this raita to a whole new level. It can also be enjoyed with dry chapatis.

I paired it with moong ki sabzi , cucumber salad, rice and curd.


Monday, 3 March 2014

mix veg rice south indian style

Necessity is the mother of invention and this is what led to this particular recipe. Just like the invention test in master chef I found myself with only peas, carrot halves, okra/ladies finger, zuccini which are not exactly pulao ingredients and as I was not in mood for a pulao I had to come up with some way to make lunch something to look forward to. And hence began this experiment which was so successful I am sure I will be back to refer this post myself.

1 green chilly
1 inch ginger
3 garlic pods
3/4th cup rice
5-6 curry leaves
kitchen king masala
biryani masala
garam masala
turmeric powder 1 pinch
zuccini cut to length
 1 spoon sugar
1 spoon chilly powder
1/2 spoon cumin-corainder powder

Fry the green chilly and ginger-garlic. Then add onions ,curry leaves and peas and let them fry. Now add the other veggies. let it fry for a moment.Now add washed rice and the rest of ingredients. pressure cook.

The sweetness of veggies like peas carrot will pair well with the heat of corainder powder. The curry leaves will make all the difference and give it the south indian touch. And the okra zuccini is jst perfect when cooked this way.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sweet tooth fairy!

Hagen Daz is like a sweet tooth fairyland!

Enjoying deserts like in the Master chef doesn't happen everyday and today was one such blessed day. A great treat at Hagen Daz where we tried the chocolate tasting and the waffle dream.

The ambiance was plush and the crockery so cute!But the show stopper were the ice creams and the accompaniments. While the servings more than fill you but you will not be able to stop till the last spoonful. The caramel toffee icecream was the best ever and the macademia icecream with the candied nuts. The waffle spongy and perfect and the sauce on it giving it a liquid gold effect.Picture perfect! Loved the brownie on the chocolate tasting and chocolate lovers you are in for a treat!

Definitely a must go place:)

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Chicken- curry leaf : made for each other

Here is a recipe that I tried that had amazing results. All it left my guests reminiscing of was the mouth watering neerdosas to accompany this gravy.

Chicken  -250 gm
For Grinding:
grated coconut-1 tbsp
poppy seeds-1 tsp
coriander seeds -1tsp
fennel seeds-1 tsp

curry leaves-10
dry red chillies-2
1 onion julienned
1 tomato julienned
cashews-10 pieces
ginger garlic paste-1 tsp

Procedure: Marinate chicken in ginger garlic paste as long as possible.The longer you marinate the more flavor is absorbed.

Dry roast the ingredients listed under  "For Grinding". Then dry grind them.We are aiming for some coarse texture.

Next in a wok, heat oil and fry half of the curry leaves and broken red chillies. Let it fry till you get the aroma of curry leaves  and the red chillies will have imparted their fieriness to the oil.Add ginger garlic paste. Next fry the onions till they caramelize. This will add sweetness to the gravy. Next fry the tomatoes till reduced.Add cashews. Now add the ground mixture.  Next add the chicken pieces.These will leave out some moisture while they get cooked and hence we will not add any water. At last now add the remaining curry leaves. Add salt .Cover and cook.

Serve with rice/chapati/neerdosas/appam or just as a starter.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Cooking ur way through a busy life

The other day when I was trying to help my friend find an healthy alternative to eating hotel made food everyday, I compiled this comprehensive list and I thought why not share it with you all too so that you can see that cooking need not be a drag.

I hope this helps you. And this is mainly for the people who do not prefer ready to it.
Women always aspire to do more than expected be it at work or home. And when you have to manage both and yet be perfect at it, it may seem like a lot to handle. But here are few tricks that will make it all the way easier for you. And this is not just limited to single women or married ones but men too.A quick fix guide to healthy food.

Ordering gravies from hotels at the end of a hectic day maybe unpleasant for you by now what with the gravy floating in a pool of oil. Or ordering pizzas may have made a huge hole in your pocket. So if you are planning to save and have a healthier option here is help for you.

MAIN INGREDIENTS: these can be diced veggies available in supermarket or soya chunks or frozen peas, pakodas, eggs, chicken chunks,fish chunks,mushrooms,dehydrated veggies.

GRAVY BASE:Weekend shoppers hoard your fridge with curd, achar, parampara brand ground masala( you can try mothers recipe or any other brand but this is  my tried and tested one), tomato ketchup, coconut milk pack, soya sauce and tomato sauce.

The above list gives you a flexibility to cook north indian, chinese, south indian. Ofcourse there are ready to eat packs out there but there are some of us who cannot bear the taste and hence this list.

All you need is some chopped veggies readily available in hypermarkets or frozen peas or sausages or soya chunks or egg/readymade chicken chunks to add to the tomato ketchup/coconut milk/yoghurt/readymade masala with seasonings.

Already prepared veggies+gravy base+seasonings as per taste= gravy done.

As for the accompaniments, there are readymade chapatis , parotas available or rice and chapatis can be made on weekends and stored in fridge for minimum 3 days. Always reheat before use.

And if you want to snack light there is semiyan/maggi, semolina upma,bread. These will be your trump cards. If you feel lazy you can make an upma with just seasonings or if you want to make a meal out of it you can add mix veggies, cashews,biryani masala and make a grand and healthy mix veg upma out of it in a jiffy.

Another life saver is the daal. Once cooked on the weekend it can last 3 days if stored in fridge and reheated before use. Even daal can be as simple as drop all ingredients in cooker and cook it. And you can add any veggies to it if you feel like. This serves as a nice accompaniment and works flexibly if you have nothing else but daal and rice or chapati too.

Another lifesaver is our rice crispies, papads, karela chips again readily available in market. Just store and use when required.

Salads too can help save face. Just buy salad veggies that do not spoil easily like carrots, onions, tomatoes,beetroots, cucumber.

If you are a fan of leafy veggies but storing them and cleaning them can be a pain during the weekdays. Instead buy them on weekends and clean and boil them and make a paste and store the paste in fridge. This will last longer.

Same with mushrooms.Clean and boil them and store in fridge.

Another tip that I learnt from my innovative PG aunty is to chop onions and veggies,grate coconut and store them in tupperware in fridge when free. This readily saves time when you are in a hurry all you need to do is put your dish together.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

in pursuit of the perfect chocolava measurements

When there is gooey chocolate somehow I get weak in the knees. But somehow the perfect chocolava measures seem to be elusive.Just today my chocolava transformed into cake in oily pool. I seriously need help and like an addict will not be resting till I get my fix. So anyone out there with the perfect chocolava recipe please pass me measures in cups :(

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